CS One


Why is the sorting speed so slow?

Follow the on-screen instruction when you see a warning pop-up shows: “Bean stuck in the putter.”

Check and clean the bean hopper if it is stuck.

Why is there no display on the touch panel?

Please check if you connected the USB, HDMI and DC Cable of the touch panel.

Why hasn’t the defective beans been ejected?

The air pressure input should be around 6-8 kg/cm2 (85~113 psi). Please check the air pressure display. 

Why does the machine frequently enter cleaning mode so?

Please check and clean the dust collector.

If you’ve already cleaned the dust collector but the problem is not solved, please contact us.

Why is the CS One sorting accuracy decreasing?

Please check the air compressor oil-water separator, and drain the water from the air compressor regularly.

If any system issues occur with the machine, what should be done?

Please go to the settings and select “Report a Problem,” then notify your dealer or contact us at technical support