CS One comes with two built-in AI Sorting Modules (free of charge): Natural and Washed. Additionally, there are optional AI Sorting Modules available to support different processing methods, such as Anaerobic and Honey Process. You can purchase these add-on AI Sorting Modules to perfectly match your green coffee bean sorting results as needed. Each AI Sorting Module is a one-time purchase with lifetime update support. You can now purchase it in our online store below, and we will send the activation code to the email you provided.
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AI Sorting Module


  • 1. After purchasing the AI Sorting Module, select the one (greyed-out status) that you wish to activate.

  • 2. Enter the activation code and wait for it to install. (Wi-Fi connection is required)

  • 3. Once the installation is completed, the Ai Sorting Module will display a color status, indicating that you are all set to start using it.