E-Points for shared point-of-sale machine

300,000 avercasso Points

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Note: "Available for use in shared point-of-sale machine equipment for logging in and topping up avercasso points. Each point corresponds to one bean. Only Good Bean balances will be considered for point deduction.”
  • 99.99% guarantee with advanced AI image recognition technology.

  • Grading Guidelines based on SCA and origin guidelines

  • Our model training data comes from all around the world

  • One-off purchase for a life-long support

Specs of the model
Module Data Origins

Our model training data comes primarily from Taiwan, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, and several countries in Central America, referring that analyzing coffees from these regions come with a slightly higher degree of confidence.

Add new origins on request in case of the availability of training data (graded beans) and develop customized AI Sorting Modules.

Grading Guidelines

Based on SCA and origin guidelines.


100% Auto AI Sorting

Screen and sort your green coffee per batch, day and night for 16 hours straight no break! CS One processes 5-6 kg of coffee per hour. With the capacity of 2.5kg, the hopper is customizable to accommodate up to 30kg. Alternatively, a lift can be seamlessly integrated for efficient transfer of green coffee to the bean hopper.


99.99% Accuracy

Boasting a 99% accuracy in the good beans outlet, recognizing SCA-classified primary and secondary defects through AI-powered 4K dual cameras. The system continually improves its identification rate over time, providing an evolving and high-quality solution for green coffee bean sorting.