Taipei, Taiwan – May 22, 2024 – avercasso®, a leading coffee equipment maker, has officially launched its new e-commerce website, offering two innovative services in the coffee industry, avercasso Points and Green Bean Processing Programs, opening up endless possibilities for the coffee industry. Now, coffee professionals in Taiwan can use the AI Green Coffee Bean Sorter CS One to enjoy automatic green bean sorting: by purchasing avercasso Points, one can access shared facilities and enjoy the convenience of AI bean selection. Additionally, one can purchase AI Sorting Modules, which use image training based on the characteristics of specific coffee bean origins and processing methods. This significantly improves the efficiency of selecting specialty coffee beans from specific regions or estates, providing coffee professionals with a novel, customized experience.

Vice President of avercasso®, David Kuo, stated, "We are dedicated to innovation and progress in the coffee industry, upholding the principles of green and sustainable business practice. The recent introduction of these two newest services not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also demonstrates our determination in providing convenient and efficient solutions for coffee professionals. The equipment sharing and new AI recognition programs will bring unique value and opportunities to the industry, offering more competitive advantages and business opportunities."

Continuing its contribution to ESG, avercasso® supports the concept the sharing economy. With a focus on sustainable, green practices, it has introduced avercasso Points at shared locations, providing coffee professionals with more convenient and cost-effective bean selection services. The shared equipment deducts points based on the amount of high-quality beans acquired, allowing coffee professionals access to professional fully automated coffee bean selection at any time and high-quality green coffee beans.

The CS One employs AI recognition technology that automatically eliminates defective green beans, powered by the AI recognition program. The program analyzes and develops multiple AI modules for various coffee bean processing methods, such as sun-dried and washed, and continuously updates the built-in programs of CS One. Users can also purchase AI recognition programs for different processing methods according to their needs, including Anaerobic, Black-honey, and Wet-hulled, with additional new modules under continuous development. Each AI recognition program is a one-time purchase with free updates and support.

avercasso®'s two new services offer multiple benefits and conveniences, not only reducing costs but also providing flexible choices. Coffee professionals can enjoy hands-free bean selection services anytime, avoiding the long-term costs caused by manual bean sorting. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures the consistency of selected coffee bean quality, enhancing coffee flavor and customer satisfaction.

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